It's time for a refresh, and out goes the old format along with it!

First, I'm abandoning the old name, I still like the idea of the format but unfortunately in the intervening time since I chose it and now the term the 'red pill', or I was more blissfully ignorant back then, has become a calling card for a bunch of men's rights activists. And honestly they can have it, because I refuse to be associated with this.

So onto the newness, the goal is going to move more into standard blog posts / how-tos, old articles have either been retired or had the 'blue pill' and 'red pill' segments replaced with 'tldr' and 'brass tacks' respectively. I'm also moving off of blogger and onto github's personal webpage system for new content, backending these static pages with markdown syntax parsed through the python pelican package. So far this setup seems to be working great, if a bit slower than using a nice WYSIWYG editor and it forces me to use tools I should be better at than I am.

I expect to be adding some articles on projects we are currently implementing at work, it's time to launch a new computing cluster so that should be an adventure and a half.