Glass Canopy Campaign, Report 0

This document serves as a starting record of the adventures and misadventures of the Luna Invictus adventuring troop and their allies in the Scaleshorn Union. The Scaleshorn Union operates out of the freeport city of Gillamoore acting a mixture of investigator, mercenary, and heroes for hire. Luna Invictus's inagural mission found them investigating the source of several lost shipments of goods, from a small farming village to the city at the behest of a local trader. And coming home with more than they bargained for.

Haki: After Action Report

  • Initially the group and client go off on an.. odd foot due to Kaelin's frankly inexplicable decision to burn the clients admittedly disabled cart. Who burns a cart!?
  • The tenor seems to have improved when they managed to deliver him safely to the town and eliminated a set of darklings preparing to attack the town. During the next day the group split up to investigate an array of strange incidents around the area including several incidents of theft, sabotage, and damaging crops. During the course of the investigation two factions are discovered to be at play. The previously encountered darklings, and a troup of modrons; both operating under unknown circumstances.
  • Merla, Dath, and Feather discovered the modrons while investigating an aparent attack at one of the farmsteads, pursuing them to recover a small child trapped in a crystal shell.
  • Kaelin, Fang, and a local named Johns meanwhile encounter and dispatch most of the darklings before they can cause more issues. Many of the stolen supplies were found in a small cave the darklings used as a hideout while operating in the area.
  • That evening the remaining darklings attack attempting to abscond with the child. All but one were eliminated and the last was released to flee before the sun turned it to ash.
  • Johns accompanied the group back back to Gillamoore to be evaluated for membership in the Scaleshorn Union.


It appears highly likely both groups were hunting the child in the crystal shell, the statis issolation the boy was placed in implies a possible physical threat; or simply attempting to deliver the boy unharmed to their masters. Several possible guild resources could provide insight on the nature of the nature of this crystal encasement and whether the child is even alive, but I suspect there will be no quick answers on who or what was truly after him.

Client Feedback

Why would you burn a cart? This is coming out of your fee! The cart incident asside, once the child was removed from the area neither group appears to have returned and the town has returned to it's quiet existence. While their methods may be questionable, overall your subordinated did their job protecting the town effectively.


Raif, the information you have gleened is most useful but failure will not be tollerated. It is clear some reconditioning is required, you will report to the tanks for revision.